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Homeopathy sessions are online or in-person. Locally serving the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado including Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Snowmass, Aspen, Garfield County, Pitkin County, plus New Castle, Silt and beyond.


What is the cost of homeopathy?

Consultation fees with Roaring Fork Homeopathy can be found here.

Fees are flat rate no matter how complicated your case.

In addition, you will purchase the homeopathic remedies directly from a homeopathic pharmacy or other provider. The number of medicines you need will depend on your situation. It might be a few or it could be as many as, say, 15 at one time. Homeopathic remedies cost, on average, $10 a bottle, though it may vary between $6 and $20 depending on the remedy, potency and availability.

Roaring Fork Homeopathy recommends the ‘wet dose’ method, which means that even if a remedy is taken every day just one ~$10 bottle can last up to a year. If you choose the dry dose method, you will need to purchase more often. (In that case one bottle may last only a couple of weeks.)

By the way, remedies never go bad so long as they are stored responsibly. (The FDA requires an expiration date on the label, but in fact people are using remedies that are 100 years old and still act.)

Here is an example of cost for a chronic condition:

$90 initial consultation

$80 for 8 remedies to start (which should last ~a year)

= $170 up front

$70 every two months for follow consultations (x 5)

= $350 over the course of a year

$100 (possible) additional 10 remedies purchased over the year


= $620 estimated for a year. Many chronic conditions can be resolved in approximately that time (once and for all!), though there are no guarantees.

That comes to about $50 a month for customized care that has the potential to uproot even the most entrenched problems.

(Even supplements can cost more than that and they do not uproot diseases.)

Again, this is just an example, and illustrates long-term assistance. Every single person’s situation will vary. Some may only need one consultation and a month on a handful of remedies to be on their happy way!

Can I get a free consult?

I do offer complimentary 20 minute calls if you need help determining if this is right for you or if we’d be a good fit working together. Contact me directly or schedule yourself online here.

Do you take insurance?

No. And I’m not aware of any insurance companies in the the US that will reimburse for homeopathy… though you are welcome to try!

Can I use other modalities with homeopathy?

Yes, homeopathy doesn’t conflict with anything that we know of (medications, supplements, alternative therapies etc).

However, it is recommended that you do not make any major changes or start any new treatments at the same time as beginning homeopathy. Just stick with whatever your baseline is.

Why? Imagine you start homeopathy and three weeks later begin light therapy or a new probiotic. Then you are left wondering what did what. It’s not going to harm your homeopathic progress, but can be confusing when it comes to case management.

Is homeopathy safe?

Read through this page for many highlights on this topic.

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances. They may be innocuous, like the common daisy, or may be potent and toxic in gross form, such as Belladonna. What makes homeopathy homeopathy is the process of diluting and succussing until the gross form cannot be found anymore (except by highly specialized devices). The way homeopathic medicines are prepared by the pharmacies removes the toxins and maximizes their healing capabilities.

This is a system of medicine that has been in continuous use since the early 1800s.

There have been no reported deaths from homeopathy. There have been many reports of healing when nothing else helped.

The worst thing that happens is an aggravation or proving. This is when a symptom gets a little aggravated, or a new symptom pops up. The solution is generally to stop the remedy. Then, even without antidoting it, the unwanted symptoms will generally dissipate in a day or two. (It is not a problem to just stop a homeopathic remedy cold turkey.)

And, please note, that using the Banerji Protocols- a central part of Practical Homeopathy- is a wonderful way to reduce the risk of aggravations and provings. (See the next FAQ for more.)

What are the Banerji Protocols?

A “protocol” is a recommendation of homeopathic medicines (including the potency and frequency) specific to a condition. Protocols are developed based on clinical evidence, and experience over time, by experts with a long history of practice. 

The Banerji (pronounced- banerjee) Protocols are passed down to us from four generations of dedicated homeopathic doctors in India whose clinics saw literally one thousand cases a day year after year. Through this they developed protocols that are consistent and reproducible for different conditions, ie. this for that.

Check out the Resources page for more information.

What is a Practical Homeopath?

Practical Homeopathy is unique and relatively new branch of homeopathy. Practical Homeopathy utilizes the Banerj Protocols as a foundation, and then other techniques to select remedies, only if needed.

In Classical Homeopathy, the homeopath tries to find ONE remedy to fit everything that is presenting in the person and then gives just one (or a few) doses. Then they and the client just wait and see, possibly for months.

Practical Homeopathy (copyrighted) began with Joette Calabrese. She travelled to India for nine years and spent weeks to months studying in the clinics directly under Drs Prasanta and Pratip Banerji. When she began that journey, she was a Classical Homeopath. Although she loved homeopathy, she was disillusioned with how difficult and slow it could be. The Banerjis, through thousands and thousands of patients, had developed protocols (consistent and reproducible options) for many ailments, and Joette began to use these in her practice… with great results!

Eventually, she began to share these with others and then created a school, The Academy of Practical Homeopathy, to make sure these protocols, and how to use them, would be passed on and could be used far and wide for the highest good of all.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, and Credit Card (manual entry for remote sessions or in-person swipe) are the most commonly used. Ask about other options. Bitcoin is accepted!

Payment is due at the time of the session. There will be no billing.

Do you do international sessions?

I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world, so long as we can get our time zones and schedules to work! If you are in Glenwood Springs, CO, then let’s do an in-person session. Otherwise, we will meet online!

Is Homeopathy good for [my condition]?

I’ll just say, yes. There is a saying that homeopathy can help any condition, but not necessarily every person. What might be some obstacles? The person isn’t into it and won’t take the remedies. The person won’t stop smoking yet expects homeopathy to help their chronic lung condition. The person is in the very advanced stages of a disease and there isn’t time for the remedies to act. You get the idea.

However, here’s a small sampling of conditions that homeopathic medicines have been known to work to correct: Structural issues (bone spurs, fallen arches); tooth problems; emotional issues (grief, panic attacks, irritability, manic/depressive); pain of all types; acute and chronic injuries; heart and lung conditions; breathing problems; colds and flus; headaches; muscle and joint problems; issues around fertility and sexual function; menstrual cramps and PMS; menopausal symptoms; canker sores; sleep disorders; vascular problems; memory disorders; skin issues- rashes, itching, etc; food intolerances; gastrointestinal problems; constipation; dim vision; all variety of infections; and also more sobering conditions such as convulsions, infectious diseases, various growths, liver problems, gallstones, UTIs, blood sugar conditions, blood pressure issues, vaccinosis, learning and developmental disorders, and much, much more.

Help, I have an acute problem NOW!

Many acute homeopathy answers can be found by doing an internet search for Joette and the condition you are looking for.

For example search: joette ear infection (or otitis media)

and the page on her site should be at the top of your search results. (Assuming it’s a topic she has written about.)

(Always consider other search terms such as sleepless OR insomnia.)

Her blog is full of entries with Practical Homeopathy protocols for help with acute conditions.

You can also directly visit her blog at, JoetteCalabrese.com, which is always a great resource. (But the internet search works better than her website search!)

Where can I find you on social media?

You can’t. 🙂 Other than sharing on Substack, I avoid social media. It takes away precious time that could be better spent helping people. If you want to connect, please reach out to me directly.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Always. 100%. We do not share date or store anything in a cloud or online. This service is private and for you, no one else. See more about Privacy here.

Swiss Health Insurer SECURVITA recently released data on 15,700 patients treated homeopathically, comparing this group to an equally large group of patients receiving just ordinary (allopathic) care.  They found those receiving homeopathic care fared significantly better and needed fewer conventional drugs than those not receiving homeopathic care.  This fact was true for both children and adults suffering from a wide array of ailments.’
-shared by Washington Homeopathic Products