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Every article published on the Homeopathy Rising Substack archived below for easy reference. Discover all of the step-by-step, how-tos and information you need to bring Practical Homeopathy into your life. There’s no way I can help all who need it one-on-one, because literally anyone can benefit from homeopathy in their lives!
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  • Welcome to Homeopathy Rising
  • What Is Homeopathy? – The People’s Medicine! This is an easy-to-read outline with bullet points about what homeopathy is, some interesting historical info, and other cool details.
  • What is Homeopathy Good For?Includes a complete, searchable INDEX of ALL The Banerji Protocols. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy reference!
  • Getting Started with Homeopathy Part 1 – A guide to combination remedies and other simple starting points for the absolute beginner to homeopathy, plus tips for even the seasoned pro.
  • Getting Started with Homeopathy Part 2 – What are the Banerji Protocols? How to get started with them; plus detailed information about using Practical Homeopathy that you won’t even find in the protocol books.
  • Meet the Banerjis – Who were the Banerjis? Includes a link to The Cure (a wonderful short video that shows them at work); plus how to contact the ONE OFFICIAL remaining clinic in India; and notes on Practical Homeopathy and locating trained practitioners in the US (and beyond) that know how to use the Banerji Protocols.
  • The Banerji Protocols Book Corrections – Grab your physical copy and make sure you write in these important corrections to the book!
  • Administering Homeopathic Medicines Part 1 – How to dose homeopathic remedies. Includes pills/tablets/liquids/mother tinctures, details about potencies, how to ‘wet dose’ homeopathy, and many practical tips with a complete FAQ section to answer your questions about taking homeopathy (food, spacing, timing), antidoting concerns, storing homeopathic medicines, myths about the effects of radiation and heat on homeopathy, and much more.
  • Building a Homeopathic Medicine Collection – Everyone wants to know which homeopathic remedies to own when getting started. If I had it to do over again, with everything I know now, THIS is what I would do. Includes information about homeopathic medicine kits, the top protocol remedies, and detailed suggested shopping lists for you.
  • Mrs. G – Our first case! Explore the differences between helping people in the ‘old days’ of the original homeopaths to modern-day complex chronic cases, by way of a women with multiples conditions, primarily ovarian cysts, who healed fully with homeopathy.
  • Getting Started with Homeopathy Part 3 – A DEEP dive into what to do where there is no clear protocol. 1) Start with the Banerji Protocols that can serve as a template. 2) If you need more, then it’s time to dive into the Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory. Discover my top picks for these important homeopathic books which should be in every homeopathic practitioner’s library.
  • How Many Homeopathic Remedies Can I Use at One Time? – The question everyone asks, with an answer that will probably astound most of you! More homeopathy myth-busting in this article. What matters is what actually works, and what helps us heal!
  • Administering Homeopathic Medicines Part 2– Acute, chronic or both? How to handle it when you have a chronic condition with acute episodes. With frequency of dosing homeopathy for acute cases versus chronic, and how to layer the protocols and remedies.
  • An Example of Using the Banerji Protocols– Make homeopathic remedy selection easier. Read a personal case of sudden-onset head pain (as part of a chronic case) and discover how to use the top Banerji medicine for neuralgia.
  • Homeopathic Provings– Demystifying provings, which are a hidden gift of the homeopathic system of medicine. Read real life examples of provings, and learn what to do if you experience one.
  • Homeopathic Aggravations– Another educational article to help break through the uncertainties around using homeopathy. Discover the difference between Provings and Aggravations in homeopathy, and the solutions.
  • Homeopathy for PAIN– Actual natural solutions to pain. Building on the Banerji Protocols, learn about using higher potencies and combinations of homeopathic medicines that can handle even the most intense pain.
  • Homeopathy & The Wet Dose Method– Building on Adminstering Homeopathic Medicines Part 1, get the step-by-step guide to use wet dosing with homeopathy. Includes how to give homeopathy to cats, dogs, pets and animals of all types, babies, and incapacitated people. Wet dosing is the simple and affordable way to take homeopathic remedies day after day for chronic conditions.

A few important resources:

The Banerji Protocols – A New Method of Treatment with Homeopathic Medicines by Prasanta Banerji by Prasanta Banji and Pratip Banerji (The Original Book)

Additional Banerji Protocols from the Clinic by Nimisha Parekh (Additional protocols book from a woman who studied at the clinic in India.) 

Practical Homeopathy Website. The direct lineage of the Drs Banerji, brought to the US by Joette Calabrese, founder of the Academy of Practical Homeopathy. Also check out her blog!

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“Before you take the first dose of any medication your doctor prescribes, you should make it your business to find out more about the drug than the doctor himself knows.”  ‐Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.