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Getting Started with Homeopathy

Emily Marshall is a Practical Homeopath based in Colorado, she offers the Banerji Protocols to help people heal.

Emily Marshall is a Homeopathic Practitioner, Consultant and Educator. She is a certified Practical Homeopath (PHom) from the Academy of Practical Homeopathy, and has been assisting clients (and their families and pets and plants) with homeopathy for many years.

Emily also leads small groups and teaches classes online and locally in Glenwood Springs, CO. She is not a Licensed Medical Practitioner and does not claim to be a doctor of any kind and does not examine, diagnose or treat. Emily consults with and educates clients in the selection of homeopathic medicines to administer to themselves and their loved ones.

As a Homeopath she works with people with all types of conditions, but specializes in mental health and complex cases. Yes, homeopathy can do wonders for depression, grief, anxiety, loss of energy, sleeplessness, mystery illnesses and so much more! If there is an ailment- no matter physical or psychological- there is a homeopathic remedy to match it.

Emily is also a Psychotherapist in Colorado. See Roaring Fork Psychotherapy.

How it works

Getting started with Emily:

  1. Set up an appointment for online or in-person.
  2. Complete the intake paperwork. (This will be sent to you.)
  3. Meet with Emily either online or in-person. The initial consultation is 45-60 minutes. At this time she will ‘take your case’, gathering symptoms and information related to your primary concerns.
  4. Receive your schedule of suggested homeopathic remedies, including all necessary details. Typically this will be emailed to you within 1-2 days of your initial consultation. (Depending on the complexity of your case and how busy Emily is.)
  5. Order the remedies. Suggested outlets and pharmacies may be recommended, but it will be up to you to choose where to make the purchase(s). Note: One bottle/tube generally costs, on average, around $10, but may vary from $6 to $20 depending on the exact medicine, potency and availability. You may have two remedies on your schedule, or twelve (for example), depending on what is being called for. Utilizing the ‘wet dose’ method (recommended), one bottle of pillules can last a year, even if taken twice a day. For the ‘wet dosing method’ it will be recommend to have small dropper bottles, though any container can be used. If you prefer to ‘dry dose’ the pills you will go through them much faster and will need to order more often. This information is provided so you may budget accordingly.
  6. Once you have received your order(s), you will prepare and self-administer the remedies according to the customized schedule provided to you. Some remedies may be taken once a month, others a few times a week, others twice a day. It will all be laid out for you. (Generally the major pharmacies and providers will get the orders to you within a week, but there are certainly times it may take longer. So please do get your order(s) placed right away!)
  7. At approximately 8 weeks (recommended) you will schedule a follow-up appointment with Emily. This is when we check your progress and make any adjustments. This is also when the seasoned Homeopath becomes very important. Homeopathic medicines are not like allopathic drugs; they gently stimulate the body to slowly uproot the problem. Although results may sometimes be fast and dramatic, with chronic ailments it is more common to notice a gradual decrease in frequency, intensity and the duration of the problem. It is important to assess accurately to know whether the remedies are the correct ones or need to be changed. One of the most common mistakes people mistake is to change remedies too soon. Generally, with most conditions, we should see some positive shifts in the first two months. If not, then adjustments to your plan may be made. There are literally thousands of homeopathic remedies, and even if the ‘perfect ones’ are selected at the start, the overall picture may change and we may need to change with it.

Current Rates:

$90 for the initial private consultation appointment (45-60 min)

$70 per follow up private consultation appointment (30-45min)

Special Rates for Babies, Children and Animals-

$70 for the initial private consultation appointment (45-60 min)

$50 per follow up private consultation appointment (30-45min)

Babies, children and pets are welcome! And don’t forget homeopathy for your plants, farm animals, and livestock. All living things respond to homeopathic medicines.

Other notes:

Emily will be available for questions between consultations, within reason, and will be happy to help you with acute situations related to your condition. Text or email for this additional support. If more than 20 minutes is required to address your needs, it is requested that you schedule a one-on-one appointment.

MANY ACUTE ISSUES can be found by doing an internet search for Joette and the condition you are looking for. For example search: joette ear infection (or otitis media) and the page on her site should be at the top of your search results. (Assuming it’s a topic she has written about. Also consider other terms such as sleepless OR insomnia.) Her blog is full of entries of Practical Homeopathy options for acute conditions. You can also directly visit her blog at, JoetteCalabrese.com, which is always a great resource.

Emily will always aim to get back to you promptly, but do keep in mind she is usually in sessions during the day and is managing cases for lots of people, many of whom have pressing situations.

Emily also tries very hard to stay away from technology on Sundays so that she can ‘sharpen the saw’ in order to be of service Monday through Saturday.

Of course, if there is a true emergency, you may need to contact Emergency Services.

Ready to get started? Contact Emily here.

“Homeopathy reorients the direction of the life force. Symptoms are not intelligence. As Hahnemman might have said, symptoms are an ineffectual mistunement of the life force and can even be dangerous to the person. If the life force were not blind, it would heal the organism. Homeopathy doesn’t strengthen the life force, it ‘retunes’ it. And THEN healing can take place.”
quote from Joette Calabrese paraphrasing the Organon