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CLICK HERE for a list of all the published Banerji Protocols in a searchable index format

Top Homeopathy Books to Own:

The Banerji Protocols Book

Additional Banerji Protocols From The Clinic

Nature’s Materia Medica by Robin Murphy

MetaRepertory 4th Edition by Robin Murphy

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Looking for quick answers for acute or common conditions? Check out Joette’s Blog. The founder of Practical Homeopathy, Joette has been posting free information for years.

The easiest way to find her best blog post is to enter in your internet search bar-

Joette carpal tunnel (for example).

The best link will be at the top of your search results. (IF she has written about it! Don’t forget to try alternate search terms.)

Homeopathy resources such as Joette Calabrese's blog are invaulable for new homeopaths looking for protocols for acute and common conditions.
Homeopathic is antique and modern at the same time. It is ageless medicine for the masses.


Interested in learning how to use Homeopathy for your own family and loved ones?

Consider a Study Group for Beginners or more advanced homeopathy education course.

Tannys (rhymes with Janis), is a fellow Practical Homeopath. I recommend her classes if you want to get learning right away.

“Advertisements tell you: ‘Take such and such a cure, it will give you instant relief.’ Yes, but you have to go on taking the cure; it does not stop it permanently, while Homoeopathy if given time will prevent recurrence. The majority among the medical and nursing professions deny this; they have never seen a cure, therefore a cure is impossible, unfortunately they make it difficult for those who wish to give Homoeopathy a chance.”
-Dorothy Shepherd, from More Magic of the Minimum Dose

Practical Homeopathy utilizes the Banerji Protocols and traditional homeopathic methods to help clients in their healing journey. Consultations may be online or in-person. Locally serving the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado, including Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Snowmass, Aspen, Garfield County, Pitkin County, plus New Castle, Silt and beyond. Serving people and animals of all ages, with all types of conditions.